Bag to school

Not that I’m wishing the summer away, but it’s nearly back to school shopping time.

If the kids “need” on trend back packs then mam deserves a new bag too!

LOVE the navy Never Full MM. A stylish but practical tote never goes to waste. The roomiest bag ever – this durable accessory is perfect to hold everything I need for school runs. From a handy pair of flats to the odd sandwich we have forgotten.

While not cheap, it is the most affordable LV bag and your investment will see you through many style trends. While I don’t normally use totes for work, I’m sick of overpacking my laptop case in the morning for that extra room. Pulling out a yougurt stick at a meeting is never in style…..



Taking care of our mental health should be high on our list of priorities – how you do that is a personal choice.

With the evenings brighter I like to get out when I get home and walk the dog, ok that’s a lie – I make myself walk the dog. If I’ve had a tough day I ring my sisters, Vent Fest! En-route to work I have an upbeat, motivational playlist that sets me up for the drive ahead. Too much doom and gloom on the radio sometimes.

I suppose I was reminded this morning to be mindfull of others struggles, and that’s thanks to the awareness created by Darkness into Light – tomorrow is another day…