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Wear it like a boss

It’s getting a bit nippy! Dare I say it -Time to consider putting the heat back on, at least timed for the morning and evening.

It’s also time to introduce some Autumn pieces to your wardrobe that will take you into Winter…

I picked up this pleated skirt in checkered print paired with peep toe sock boots from Mango@BT New Collections

Love Winter workwear! My absolute favourite season. All about style…


Bag to school

Not that I’m wishing the summer away, but it’s nearly back to school shopping time.

If the kids “need” on trend back packs then mam deserves a new bag too!

LOVE the navy Never Full MM. A stylish but practical tote never goes to waste. The roomiest bag ever – this durable accessory is perfect to hold everything I need for school runs. From a handy pair of flats to the odd sandwich we have forgotten.

While not cheap, it is the most affordable LV bag and your investment will see you through many style trends. While I don’t normally use totes for work, I’m sick of overpacking my laptop case in the morning for that extra room. Pulling out a yougurt stick at a meeting is never in style…..

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Storage, it’s a must for a family bathroom

Storage in my bathroom is a must! With two teens who have bags of toiletries to house – an extra, a Wall Mounted Column is an ideal solution.

False Tan and make up stains are an issue for me, so dark colours work best.

Minimise the mess, de clutter and invest in a good quality unit. Available in different styles and sizes, find the suite that suits your families needs.

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I love entertaining and am blessed to have a decent sized back garden with plenty of sun. Currently, I have decking that needs lifting as it’s down maybe 7 years and looks it…

As most people do, I have searched pintrest for inspiration and this is it ⬆️⬆️⬆️

The dream 😍 minus the amount of tables, adding some rattan furniture with soft furnishings to complement.

Low maintainance, stylish and practical. When you have a family as large as mine, it is a constant game of musical chairs when BBQ-ing. Only the fittest survive. I also have a fully functioning bar that leads out to the back garden – keeping partys completely seperated from the house, so ideally the theme will be Beer Garden in nature.

The HPC group, TJ O’Mahonys mainly, can supply everything I need for this project and I aim to start in the next few weeks with a bit of help from my brother @ACS Facilities Management.

Completion : Spring 2019 – Wish me luck! Follow for progression updates, tips and videos #excited #myfirstproject

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The Importance of Pampering

With the “big” weekend over it is time to relax and pamper with a nice long bubble bath. High heels for two days may look good but feet need rejuvenating…

Peppermint Grove Red Plum & Rose – add to warm water and soak, before applying a generous amount of lotion. Make sure to get in between your toes. Leave slipper socks on overnight to really soak up that moisture. Not the most attractive look – but hey… neither is swollen ankles!

Super soft Bath Sheets are a must when the playlist is over and your fingers are turning wrinkly. My absolute favourite things are White garden roses and my Christy Robe ❤

We deserve to be pampered – do it in style

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Decking – Styling Your Outdoor Space

Adding a beautiful deck to your garden is a move worth considering before schools out next month. Spring hasn’t exactly motivated us to enjoy that outdoor space, what with the awful weather, but sun is on way and now is the time to prepare.

  • Design the layout , pinterest has lots of ideas for even the smallest of areas
  • Choose your product wisely – consider spending that bit extra for pre treatment and easy installation
  • Incorperate light & heating options while preparing your budget – enjoy your decking as the sun sets also
  • Hire a proffesional who comes recommended
  • Research how to care for your decking – you have just invested alot, know how to look after it

Add colour by way of accesorizing and you are good to go….